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A woman spent 28 years with a missing lens!

The lens was caught due to the MRI

The Dhaka Times Desk Eye lenses can be left in for weeks or months. So say 28 years! Just like that, a woman spent 28 years with a lost lens in her eye!

হারিয়ে যাওয়া লেন্স চোখে নিয়ে ২৮ বছর পার করলেন এক নারী! 1

A woman has lived 28 years with an entire missing lens in her eye. This incident happened in UK.

The woman's left eyelid was swollen for 6 months. The doctor saw that there was a hard lump under his eyelid. Later, the doctors found out that the woman has a contact lens in her eye!

Doctors said that the lens had moved to the top of his eye after being hit by a badminton shuttlecock and had been stuck there for the past 28 years!

The doctors said that the lens was caught due to the MRI. The cyst was later surgically removed. After removal, it was found that an eye lens was lodged inside the cyst.

According to the woman's family, about 28 years ago, the 14-year-old woman from the United Kingdom developed severe eye pain while playing badminton.

This time the contact lens of his eye was lost and could not be found. However, after 28 years, it was understood that the lens was not essentially lost. The lens was stuck in his eye by the impact of the badminton bat.

The strange thing is, after having the lens stuck to her eyelid for such a long time, the woman never understood a single sign. His left eyelid was always a little heavy, but he never worried about it. Nor did any major problem arise. That's why these 28 years have passed just like this!

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