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Excursion: Visit Khagrachari Tiduschara Jharna

20 km away from Khagrachari, this spectacular spring flows through the crooked mountain folds in the wild forest of Dighinala upazila.

The Dhaka Times Desk One should go to such a place when traveling. Wherever you go you will feel an unbridled joy in your mind. And one such place is Taiduchhara Jharna of Khagrachari. Visit this place.

ভ্রমণ: ঘুরে আসুন খাগড়াছড়ির তৈদুছড়া ঝর্ণা 1

20 kilometers away from Khagrachari, this spectacular spring flows through the crooked mountain folds in the wild forest of Dighinala upazila. In the Tripura language, Taidu means water gate and Rama means fountain. The surrounding area of Taidupara resounds with the sound of cool and clear water flowing from the 100 feet high spring mouth. This fountain of natural wonders has added a different dimension to the tourism industry of Khagrachari. Travel lovers come from far and wide every day to see this biggest fountain of Khagrachari passing through the inaccessible gorge of Dighinala.

On the way to Taiduchhara, you will also be impressed by the heavenly form of small and big springs and hills. However, the flow of water in Taiduchhara Jharna is quite exceptional, the water flows down from numerous rocky steps formed like a staircase around the mountain and meets a small lake.

Next to the fountain there is another fountain named Thangzhang flowing from a height of about 80 feet. Taiduchara springs originated from the spring water from Thangzhang spring. You can see Thangzhang fountain after walking for about an hour on the right side of Taiduchara fountain and crossing Jhiri path. However, if you want to pass this way, you have to cross mountains, high and low slopes, wild forests and sometimes knee or chest level water. The tiredness of this long thrilling journey will disappear instantly when you get into the cool water of the spring. The stepped rocky layer of the fountain makes this fountain different from other fountains. In addition, the jum cultivation fields on the hill can catch the eyes of the tourists.

how to go

Buses to Khagrachari are available from Gabtali, Sayedabad, Uttara and Arambagh in Dhaka. Taiduchhara can be reached from Khagrachari by these two routes Dighinala and Samya Para. Border crossing will save time and reduce tracking.

If you want to go to Taiduchhara Jharna through the border village, then you have to take a Dighinala-bound bus or CNG from Khagrachari town's Shapla junction and get off at the border village road which is about 9 km away. From there, a 3 km walk will take you to the border town. However, even if you take Chander's car from Shapla intersection, you can go directly to border crossing. From the border town, one has to trek with a guide to Taiduchhara Jharna and Thangzhang Jharna.

If you want to go from Dighinala, take a bus or your convenient vehicle from Khagrachari's Shapla Junction to Dighinala. Then from there you have to go to Jamtoli by car or motorcycle. You can reach Taiduchhara Jharna by trekking about 12 km road from Pomangpara in Jamtoli. It will take you 4 to 5 hours to walk from Dighinala to Taiduchhara. Departure from Khagrachari at 7 am and return by evening.

where will you stay

Dighinala has decent residential hotels like Dighinala Guest House, Al Amin and Hotel Jurani. However, Khagrachari has some high-end residential hotels including Tourist Motel, Hotel Eco Chari Inn, Hotel Hill Touch, Shail Suborn, Hotel Noor, Hotel Mount Inn, Gangchil Residential, Aranya Vilas.

where to eat

Dighinala has several hotels for dining. Among them you will find standard hotels like Sadia Hotel, Cafe Invitation Restaurant and Darbar Hotel. Khagrachari's System Restaurant, Peda Ting Ting, Gang Sabarong, Pajan and Chimbal restaurants are also popular.

Some tips on visiting the springs without a hitch

# is the best time to visit Tiduscha waterfalls before winter and at the end of monsoon. Carry plenty of dry food and drinks while travelling.

# waterproof light It is best to carry some dry clothes, thick and strong rope, saline and first aid box in a travel bag.

# Caution must be exercised when entering fountain water. The rocks around the springs are quite slippery so if you don't know how to swim, stay in shallow water. Do not go into deep water.

1 Take with you the approved guide of TP5T administration.

# should wear shoes with good grip.

# can take salt or gul to be safe from leech bites.

# Carry Odom's cream to ward off mosquitoes.

Other Sightseeing Places in Khagrachari

Other places of interest in Khagrachari include Risang Jharna, Alutila Cave, Panchari Shantipur Forest Hut, Hatimatha and New Zealand Para.


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