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190 balls of beads were found in the baby's stomach!

Such a sensational incident happened in China

The Dhaka Times Desk Surprising but true, 190 pearl-shaped balls were found in the stomach of a five-year-old child. He used to swallow the magnet balls while playing.

১৯০টি পুঁতির বল পাওয়া গেলো শিশুর পেটে! 1

Such a sensational incident happened in China. According to a report of Daily Mail, the child was feeling sick for some time. Later, his mother brought him to see a doctor at a children's hospital in Xingyang. Then the doctors of that hospital suggested X-ray of the child's abdomen.

Doctors said that the X-ray report showed a picture of a magnetic bead inside the baby's stomach. Then the doctors decided to operate the child's stomach as soon as possible.

After a successful surgery, 190 magnetic beads were removed from his stomach! The doctors were surprised to see this ball. How is this possible? Later found out that the child ate these bead balls one by one!

Things to do to prevent Corona virus

# stay at home all the time.
# Follow the rules and use mask when going out for emergency.
# three-layer surgical mask can be washed if desired.
# wash clothes after coming home from outside. Or hang it without shaking for at least four hours.
# Wash hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) with soap or liquid before coming outside.
# plastic PPE or eyes, mouth, head after single use

Of course it can be washed thoroughly with detergent and dried.
# Wear PPE made of cloth or clean as described.
# Use a head cap that completely covers the hair.
# Those who have sneeze cough should follow all the rules promulgated by the government. Also, wash hands as directed before and after handling food items, keys, switches, mice, remote controls, mobiles, watches, computer desks, TVs, etc. and after using the bathroom. Those who have dry hands use Moisture after washing their hands. Soap or hand liquid can be used. Why can this virus remain in the crackle (cracked part) of dry hands? Avoid using highly alkaline soaps or detergents.

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