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The first look of the movie 'Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare' is released

The Dhaka Times Desk First look of National Film Award winning director Mustafizur Rahman Manik's movie 'Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare' has been released.

সিনেমা ‘যাও পাখি বলো তারে’র ফার্স্ট লুক প্রকাশ 1

Movie 'Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare' is produced by Cleopatra Films. It stars the contemporary model-actor Adar Azad and the popular actress Mahia Mahi. The filmmaker released the first look of the movie on June 25.

Like the name of the film, its first poster has the story of Napawa. A shadow of black on a white background. Meanwhile, the film's four main characters, Mahia Mahi, Adar Azad, Rashed Mamun Apu and Shipan Mitra. Every one of them had a look of pain on their faces. Maybe they want to say that it was not meant to be! Nanandik has designed this poster by Sajjadul Islam Sayem.

Mostafizur Rahman Manik said about the story of the film, it is an off-track film. I have never made such a movie. Made entirely with a rural background story. Love, hatred and separation are key themes. A picture of a perfect village in Bangladesh has not been created for a long time. Trying to do that.

Director Mostafizur Rahman Manik said that 'Manpura' was released in 2009. The song 'Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare' is a very popular song from that rural background film. Mostafizur Rahman Manik named his new film from that song. After next Eid-ul-Azha, a good time will be released.

Apart from Adar Azad and Mahia Mahi, it also stars Shipon Mitra, Rashed Mamun Apu, Lavanya, Rebecca, Subrata, Mahmudul Islam Mithu (Barda Mithu), Masum Bashar, Mili Bashar and many others.

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