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The movement of the Taliban

Will the Taliban return to their past?

Hasanuzzaman The Taliban is yet to come to a firm decision on how to govern the country after coming to power. There are considerable differences between them as to what their goals and objectives should be.

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Uncertainty about how the government will be formed after many problems is still not over. Although time passed on the formation of the government, they could not build mutual unity among themselves. The eyes of the world are now on Afghanistan.

Will the Taliban return to their past?

During the Taliban rule in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, there was no freedom for women. Girls had to stop studying after twelve years. It was forbidden to go out without a man. There was no employment opportunity for girls. Burqa was compulsory for girls. The Taliban's politics rests on these old beliefs. The Muslim states of the Middle East have already adapted themselves to a changing world.

As the world changes, so do they. Monarchs in countries like Saudi Arabia are in the process of giving women the right to vote. How did the Taliban return to the Middle Ages?

The Taliban has returned to power at the behest of the US. The Taliban held at least two summits with its allies, including the United States, before coming to power. The Taliban's speech at that conference reflected the US's will. Those desires are to adapt themselves to modern world politics. Avoiding the policy of walking alone, we should make friends in world politics. That's why today the Taliban are forced to hold a press conference to talk about women's freedom. Ensuring participation of women at all levels. It has even mentioned in the press conference that women representatives will be included in the Council of Ministers. Afghanistan has a cricket team. The team is playing not only within the country but also outside the country. Many feared the Taliban in power, cricket team and how? But when the journalists asked the Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid about this
He said 'Taliban will never stop playing cricket. Rather, cricket players will provide financial support and training to make them more prosperous.' Not only that, they have called all the government employees of the previous government to join the work. They mentioned in their statement that they have been granted amnesty.

Miraka Popal, the head of Tolo News, a prominent Afghan news agency, aired an interview with a Taliban spokesman, causing an uproar across Afghanistan. The Taliban are saying that there is a need for women to wear burqas? A hijab will be enough. For all these reasons, Russia has advanced a little and said that the Taliban has moved away from the previous ideology. If this is true of Russia, then there is no problem.

There appears to be a change in the top leadership of the Taliban. However, the future will tell how much this change is due to external pressure and how much from the mind. Several provinces have already killed working women. The image of a woman painted on a street wall in Kabul city has been erased with white paint. Some Taliban fighters have started looting the houses of the government officials of the previous government in Kabul. Again, in order to get out of this war-torn situation, the Taliban's upper echelons have launched a hotline. If common people contact this hotline, administration people will stand by them. Many have applauded the changing mindset on the Taliban. But it is not clear how much the mentality of 85 thousand Taliban fighters has changed. As a result, it is not unreasonable to have doubts about the extent to which the Taliban can adapt to the outside world.

It is true that the Taliban was formed based on a different climate and culture. 'Muslim Sharia Law' is the main basis of their ideology. At present, the question may arise as to how far the Taliban will be able to move forward by bowing to the outside world and trying to follow a different ideology. Because the workers move away from the place of trust of the workers in the party
How much discount It is also a matter of waiting whether there is an event like every revolution? If there is a division of ideals in the party, what else can be found so faithful and brave warriors?

Meanwhile, the former vice president of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh claimed himself as the legitimate president of the country from hiding. This incident is not to be completely discarded. Even if the current talk of the Taliban is good, can the leaders of the Taliban keep that passion?

Considering all these aspects, Pakistan, China, Russia, Türkiye are moving towards recognizing the Taliban. But the UK has said it is not willing to recognize the Taliban, considering its past activities. The US still can't trust the Taliban. As a result, many doubts about how to help the Taliban -
is in dispute.

# Author: Researcher and Essayist.

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