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Russia is going to bring the world's largest and most destructive robot tank

This is going to be the biggest robot tank in the world

The Dhaka Times Desk Russia's world-famous gun manufacturer Kalashnikov will produce a huge robot tank weighing 20 tons for the Russian army this time.

বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে বড় এবং বিধ্বংসী রোবট ট্যাংক আনতে চলেছে রাশিয়া 1

So that the enemy side is afraid of Russia in the battlefield, that is why the company will also make a huge robot vehicle weighing 7 tons that can be used in war.

The Kalashnikov company claims that this is going to be the world's largest robot tank. Already the work of making this tank is going on. This tank is being made in secret. It is believed that the robot tank will be unveiled soon.

It is known that this tank will run completely without a driver. This tank will also be well armed. This tank will be fully prepared to face the enemy.

According to the news published in a Russian press, the tank will also have machine guns and anti-tank missiles. This remotely controlled tank will also support the troops going to war.

However, no details about this have been revealed yet. For security reasons, nothing else has been announced about the world's largest robot tank. However, it is believed to be on par with the US Army's M-1126 Stryker ICV, an 8-wheeled armored vehicle.

Things to do to prevent Corona virus

# stay at home all the time.
# Follow the rules and use mask when going out for emergency.
# three-layer surgical mask can be washed if desired.
# wash clothes after coming home from outside. Or hang it without shaking for at least four hours.
# Wash hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) with soap or liquid before coming outside.
# plastic PPE or eyes, face, head must be washed thoroughly with detergent and dried after one use.
# Wear PPE made of cloth or clean as described.
# Use a head cap that completely covers the hair.
# Those who have sneeze cough should follow all the rules promulgated by the government. Also, wash hands as directed before and after handling food items, keys, switches, mice, remote controls, mobiles, watches, computer desks, TVs, etc. and after using the bathroom. Those who have dry hands use Moisture after washing their hands. Soap or hand liquid can be used. Why can this virus remain in the crackle (cracked part) of dry hands? Avoid using highly alkaline soaps or detergents.

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