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Tia bird and us

The Dhaka Times Desk good morning Today is Thursday, 3 July 2014 Christ, 19 Ashad 1421 Bengal, 4 Ramadan 1435 Hijri. Good morning everyone from The Dhaka Times. Happy birthday to all those whose birthday is today - happy birthday.

Parakeet Birds

The bird you see in the cage is a picture of a Tia bird. We see Tia flying in the bird cage. They are captured from the forest and kept in cages like this.

This is not correct at all. Because animals and birds fit in the forest. Which should be kept where it belongs. Of course, many people have the ability to do this. Those who can afford it can buy Tia birds and free them from cages. And at the same time, not everyone could speak out against those who trade these birds in captivity. Thanks to its photographer for the photo.

Image: Courtesy of

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