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Things to keep in mind if staying alone in a hotel

কিছু কৌশল অবলম্বন না করলে হোটেলে একা থাকা অনেক সময় বিপদজনক হতে পারে

The Dhaka Times Desk. In office work, business or any other work, many times one has to stay outside for two to four days. And staying outside means you can think of something other than a hotel. However, staying in a hotel seems safe, but sometimes many problems arise while staying in a hotel alone. Even greater dangers can occur. It is not only girls who suffer from various problems while staying alone in hotels. Both boys and girls can face various problems. But you can keep yourself safe by adopting several strategies.

1. Collection of information about the hotel:

Before you book a hotel, check its reputation and other clients' comments. If the service of the hotel is good, everyone will comment well.

2. Security system of the hotel:

Some hotels don't have very good security at night. As a result, the possibility of various accidents is more. So find out about the security system of that hotel.

3. The floor on which the room will be rented:

Never rent a room on the lower floor. Because when terrorists or robbers attack, they attack the lower floor first. Because this floor is easy to attack. Again, the upper floor should not be taken. Because it is very difficult to get help from there during emergency. So book the middle floor while booking the hotel.

4. Do not open the room if someone knocks at night

Because you are alone in the room, and there is no one familiar to call you. So whoever knocks at night don't open the room. If you need more, ask to come in the morning. Even if the hotel manager or someone from the hotel authority introduces himself, do not open the room. If necessary, you can call the hotel's emergency number to confirm the real reason for searching you.

5. Inform the necessary persons:

Immediately after taking the hotel booking, inform at home, near relatives, office if official or whoever needs to be informed by phone or mail. Also state when you reached there and where you are now.

6. Rent a double bed room:

One strategy is to rent a double bed room for single stay. In this, others will not dare to disturb you thinking that there is a double person in your room.

7. Be careful in receiving and giving room keys:

When you receive your room key from the reception or when you leave the key, if the hotel manager asks you for the room number, say it slowly and carefully so that no one else can hear. Also tell the manager not to tell anyone else if they want to know your room number.

8. Refrain from disclosing the name of the hotel outside:

Don't tell strangers where you are. Be careful even when talking on the phone. Because there are many kinds of unscrupulous people around the hotel who can harm you.

9. Note before entering the room:

When you are about to enter the room, if you realize someone is following you, do not enter the room. Again, don't pretend that he knows which room you were about to enter. So walk straight down the other side or go up. If in doubt, inform the manager.

10. Clean the room in your presence:

Tell the manager not to clean the room in your absence. Clean the room from your presence. You don't have to worry about losing anything.

Besides, you can identify yourself as married while booking. That is, you can put Mrs. or Mr. before the name. You can get rid of many problems.

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