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Serial 'Kal Yatra' on BTV

The television series drama Kale Yatra is being made based on the story of a drama group of Mofswal

The Dhaka Times Desk Many people may remember Bangladesh television mind-boggling series of dramas? Do you remember several dramas including Nongar, Bhandan Shabdi, and Sanshaptak?

বিটিভিতে ধারাবাহিক ‘কালের যাত্রা’ 1

There was a time when common people of this country used to sit in front of the TV screen after work to watch these dramas. The golden age of BTV in the era of cable TV is no more. Dramas are aired on almost all channels except news channels. That's why the audience is divided. The quality of BTV's dramas has also been questioned recently.

A drama to bring back the lost glory is being produced for BTV. Under the direction of Akram Khan, a serial drama named Kale Yatra is coming on BTV.

According to a report in the media, the television series drama Kale Yatra is being made based on the story of a drama group of Mofswal.

Playwright Mamunur Rashid wrote a novel five years ago. Sabuj Wahid made the screenplay of the drama 'Kale Yatra' from the novel 'Kale Yatra'. Novelist and actor Mamunur Rashid has adapted the story for the screen. He liked it.

In this regard, he said, 'After the script was set up, some scenes were run down and shown to me. I like it very much. People may like this play very much.' When asked whether many behind-the-scenes events of Dhaka will be seen in this play, Mamunur Rashid said, 'It is a story of complete betrayal. But since I have been working in Dhaka for a long time, some incidents may happen.'

Akram Khan, the director of the serial drama, said, 'The shooting of the second lot of the drama has already started. The shooting of this drama is going on by building a set inside Bangladesh Television. He said, 'Serial means Hindi serials are trying to be duplicated in the country now. The cultural movement, which was born out of political responsibility or love of people, has been destroyed due to various reasons. Our story is about a theater troupe who still plays the story of Tevaga, who still has a political ideology, who stands up for the marginalized. They have internal conflicts, egos, who is given more opportunities, who is deprived - these are also conflicts. The story of the play has been introduced with these.'

Chanchal Chowdhury acted in this drama. Aranyak is a strong actor in the theater. Sharing his experience, he said that there is a lot of comfort in working on sets made at BTV. No one works with such stories now.

Abu Tawhid, controller program manager of BTV, said that the drama is likely to be aired in this quarter. In the beginning 13 episodes have also been submitted. A total of 52 episodes will be produced, with the number of episodes likely to increase. He said, this series can be liked by the audience. Chanchal Chowdhury is there, the director is also very careful about the work. But it's really hard to predict when people will like something and make it viral.

Apart from Chanchal Chowdhury, Mamunur Rashid, Tanveen Sweety, Armaan Parvez Murad, Sadika Swarna, Doel Mash, Sajjad Saju, Akar Raihan Riad and Shireen Alam have also acted in the play.

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