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Aliens living 14 light years away! [video]

Scientists are working day and night to find out which planet has life

The Dhaka Times Desk Aliens are the biggest unsolved mystery of Earth and science. Or what can be called the existence of life on alien planets. Research on aliens has been going on for a long time. Now the information has come out that aliens are living 14 light years away!

১৪ আলোকবর্ষ দূরে বসবাস করছে এলিয়েন! [ভিডিও] 1

After years and ages, people have not been able to get any definite idea about aliens. Still, from the world's media to the silver screen, aliens are being celebrated. But the question is, does life exist in aliens? Do aliens really exist in the universe?

Scientists are working day and night to find out which planet has life. When a sample of life is found somewhere, the attention of researchers is drawn to it. Astronomers have come to know about such a planet in the solar system.

It's not too far. That planet is only 14 light years away from Earth. About four times the size of Earth. The planet orbits a star called Wolf 1061. There are total 3 planets. And this planet is the closest.

Scientists speculate that the bodies of these planets are rocky and hard. Secondly, the researchers also reported the possibility of getting water on the planet. All such information has emerged in the study of the University of New South Wales in Australia.

"It's exciting to think that there's another star so close to us that could potentially have planets around it," said Duncan Wright, one of the team's researchers. And if that is true, there are aliens living there.

The 3 planets are 1.4, 4.3 and 5.2 times the mass of Earth respectively. They are known to complete their orbits in 5 days, 8 days and 67 days.

Almost all of the rocky planets discovered so far are hundreds or thousands of light-years away. So the researchers see hope as a result of this new discovery. Most importantly, a large group of researchers firmly believe that life must exist on this planet. If such a thing really happened, then all the ideas and beliefs about aliens would be found in the original and true form.

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