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Research says: Corona dies in just a few minutes in sunlight!

According to the study, the ultraviolet radiation of the sun damages the genetic material of the corona virus and its spread is also inhibited.

The Dhaka Times Desk The deadly corona virus can be killed in just a few minutes in sunlight. Recently, this information came out in a new study by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States.

গবেষণা বলছে: সূর্যের আলোতে মাত্র কয়েক মিনিটেই মারা যায় করোনা! 1

According to that study, the ultraviolet radiation of the sun damages the genetic material of the corona virus and its spread is also inhibited.

It is known that the adviser of the Homeland Security and Technology Department, William Bryan, presented various information about the new research in a press conference from the White House.

In this regard, he said, high temperature and increase in humidity are very harmful for corona virus. At the same time, he expressed hope that the spread of this virus may begin to decrease in the summer.

Even earlier, a study said that it is possible to reduce the spread of corona virus by increasing the humidity and temperature. It is applicable anywhere in the world. However, it is never possible to completely stop the outbreak of this virus through climate change alone.

At that time, a group of researchers from China's Beihang and Tsinghua universities said that the outbreak of Covid-19 has decreased in hundreds of Chinese cities as the weather warms and humidity increases.

Higher temperatures and humidity have been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of Covid-19, a researcher said. Public health experts say warm temperatures, humidity, and heat can only slow down the spread of the virus. But it cannot stop the spread of the virus at all.

When the virus outbreak broke out in China, the temperature was very cold. Due to the cold and low temperature all around, the outbreak of the virus has increased rapidly.

William Brian from the White House said, "We have observed that the corona virus dies in sunlight." It can cause coronal death when it is on the surface of something or in the air.

We observed exactly the same phenomenon with humidity and temperature. The virus can spread more easily in areas with low temperature and humidity than in areas with high temperature and humidity.

However, scientists have said that it cannot be used as a therapy for patients suffering from corona. The reason for this is that the violet rays of the sun are not able to enter the body of a patient and kill the virus at all.

Ian Jones, professor of virology at the University of Reading in England, said it has been known for many years that the sun's ultraviolet rays are considered harmful to many viruses. This is not really new information. But in the case of Covid-19, knowing this information will definitely be useful for us.

Jones also said, however, it cannot be taken as a treatment for corona. The reason is that the ultraviolet rays of the sun cannot penetrate the body. Health authorities in the United States say that if the spread of Covid-19 slows down in the summer, it may increase in the winter.

Researchers said that symptoms like cold, cough and fever increase in winter weather. During this time, this virus can easily spread and attack the body. However, if the temperature increases, this virus cannot spread rapidly.

According to a previous study, the corona virus cannot survive at a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The researchers said that for every degree increase in temperature, the probability of decreasing the incidence of corona also increases. That is, the higher the temperature, the more it will be possible to prevent the growth of this virus. But raising the temperature alone will never completely stop the spread of this virus. Source:

Things to do to prevent Corona virus

# stay at home all the time.
# Follow the rules and use mask when going out for emergency.
# three-layer surgical mask can be washed if desired.
# wash clothes after coming home from outside. Or hang it without shaking for at least four hours.
# Wash hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) with soap or liquid before coming outside.
# plastic PPE or eyes, face, head must be washed thoroughly with detergent and dried after one use.
# Wear PPE made of cloth or clean as described.
# Use a head cap that completely covers the hair.
# Those who have sneeze cough should follow all the rules promulgated by the government. Also, wash hands as directed before and after handling food items, keys, switches, mice, remote controls, mobiles, watches, computer desks, TVs, etc. and after using the bathroom. Those who have dry hands use Moisture after washing their hands. Soap or hand liquid can be used. Why can this virus remain in the crackle (cracked part) of dry hands? Avoid using highly alkaline soaps or detergents.

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