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Marriage in space to avoid corona virus!

This company called Air Charter Service launched this package called 'Wedding in the Sky'

The Dhaka Times Desk Wedding ceremony organized in space to avoid deadly corona virus infection! And this initiative has been taken by a US organization. The company has created opportunities for weddings in space as well as space travel.

করোনা ভাইরাস এড়াতে এবার মহাকাশে বিয়ে! 1

This company called Air Charter Service launched this package called 'Wedding in the Sky'. Talking about the package, the first thing that comes up is the Covid 19 virus. Since this company is releasing an entire plane, the flight permit can be obtained only if all the arrivals are tested for Corona. That is, no matter what, there is no fear of infection!

Air charter services do not have any restrictive rules for their clients. It will be possible to pick them up from the airport from which the client wishes to start the journey.

They will get married in a space location, the client's choice is final in this regard. Besides, the company will also decorate the interior of the plane with wedding flowers. Flower color, design - everything will be chosen by the client. It has been informed that the same rule will be followed in the case of catering.

Much like renting a wedding house! The difference is that the house of this marriage is not on the ground, it will sit in zero! There are two more facts in this case! The company will be able to accommodate only 16 guests in this two-hour wedding ceremony at a height of 30,000 feet from the ground - such information has been given in the media.

Things to do to prevent Corona virus

# stay at home all the time.
# Follow the rules and use mask when going out for emergency.
# three-layer surgical mask can be washed if desired.
# wash clothes after coming home from outside. Or hang it without shaking for at least four hours.
# Wash hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) with soap or liquid before coming outside.
# plastic PPE or eyes, mouth, head after single use

Of course it can be washed thoroughly with detergent and dried.
# Wear PPE made of cloth or clean as described.
# Use a head cap that completely covers the hair.
# Those who have sneeze cough should follow all the rules promulgated by the government. Also, wash hands as directed before and after handling food items, keys, switches, mice, remote controls, mobiles, watches, computer desks, TVs, etc. and after using the bathroom. Those who have dry hands use Moisture after washing their hands. Soap or hand liquid can be used. Why can this virus remain in the crackle (cracked part) of dry hands? Avoid using highly alkaline soaps or detergents.

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