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Researcher's opinion: Do not wash chicken before cooking

The Dhaka Times Desk Sometimes there are many problems with chicken meat. Everyone must remember about various diseases including bird flu. Researchers are not sitting in such a situation. They are researching in various ways. Researchers have researched and said, do not wash chicken meat before cooking. Because meat dust spreads a kind of bacteria.

not before cooking

Issuing a warning, the researchers said, chicken meat should not be washed in any way before cooking. A type of bacteria called 'campylobacter' is spread during washing of chicken meat. This bacteria spreads on human skin, clothes, utensils and even in the kitchen and later it enters the human body.

According to the researchers, this bacterium called Campylobacter is responsible for human stomach ailments. Moreover, sometimes serious diseases are also caused from it. It is said in the media that it may cause death.

Researchers from the Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom gave this information after a recent study. The researchers also said that Campylobacter can also cause food poisoning. People get sick from this bacteria. 280,000 people are infected with Campylobacter bacteria every year in the UK. Researchers said that 4 out of 5 of them are affected by bacteria spread from chickens.

Researchers have found that only meat dust spreads a type of bacteria. And that's why the UK Food Standards Agency has requested people not to wash chicken meat before cooking.

References: The Guardian

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