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WhatsApp is rolling out screenshot blocking feature

Wabitalinfo recently showed an image of the beta version of this new feature

The Dhaka Times Desk WhatsApp is now taking steps to stop taking screenshots of chatting. New updates are coming soon to the app. Apart from this, the fingerprint scanning is also being tested in the new update.

হোয়াটসঅ্যাপ স্ক্রিনশট ব্লকিং ফিচার চালু করছে 1

British news media Daily Mirror reported the information. The report says that after this new update, users will have to scan their fingerprints to chat on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has already added this new feature in the iOS version. However, users have to scan every time to enter chatting on iOS devices. This time, WhatsApp is working to bring the entire app under fingerprint scanning, not every chat.

Recently showing a photo of the beta version of this new feature, Wabetalinfo said, 'The entire app will be secured. That is why the user needs to identify his identity to enter WhatsApp. If the feature is turned on, WhatsApp will require a fingerprint to open. It is also reported that the screenshot block feature will also be effective.

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