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This time the robot advises passengers!

Two artificial intelligence robots begin piloting to advise passengers at Japan's Tokyo station

The Dhaka Times Desk The work of robots is increasing day by day. Robots are being used in various sectors of society. This is such news that the robot is advising passengers! And this is being done in Tokyo, Japan.

এবার যাত্রীদের পরামর্শ দিচ্ছে রোবট! 1

Two artificial intelligence robots have started working experimentally to advise passengers at Tokyo station in Japan. Visitors can take instructions from two artificial intelligence robots in various languages, including Japanese, English and Chinese. The East Japan Railway Company of Japan is conducting this experimental work.

This experimental work is being carried out. During this time, the robot machine's capability and the response of the passengers seeking assistance will be monitored by the people associated with the robot.

According to media reports, the two artificial intelligence robots are Japan's Softbank Robotics Corporation's 'Pipper' and German Railway Company's 'Semi' (SEMMI). These robots have been installed at the information desks in the basement shopping and dining centers of the two stations called Gransta.

Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot widely used in Japan. On the other hand 'Semi' or CMMI is a robot guard that looks like a human and behaves like a human.

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