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A dwarf planet has been found to contain more water than Earth

The Dhaka Times Desk Apart from Earth, water can exist in various places in the universe. Scientists have no end of doubts about this. Rather, they are optimistic. Because the presence of water is related to the existence of life. So there is no end to the search of scientists. Recently, an amazing information has been found regarding the existence of water outside the earth. A dwarf planet in the solar system Astronomers believe that there is a lot of water. This water is clear and its volume can be more than that of the earth.


A dwarf planet named Ceres that astronomers believe may contain more water than Earth. Roman goddess Ceres The planet is named after it. Ceres was considered the goddess of germination, harvest and maternal love. Italian astronomer Guiseppi Piazzi It was discovered on January 1, 1801 AD.

Readers may come to the question of dwarf planets? It is not something other than the planet! Dwarf planets are actually a type of planets in the solar system that revolve around the sun, but they cannot be called planets or satellites. Cannot be defined as planets or satellites International Astronomical Union International Astronomical Union Astrologers have classified it like this. Ceres K for 45 years previously the asteroid It was considered as such. Ceres was recognized as a dwarf planet on September 6, 2006.

Ceres asteroid belt Or the only dwarf planet in the planetary system. An asteroid belt or asteroid region is the region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids, other objects, are usually found in this region. Asteroids are objects composed mainly of rock that orbit a star. In our solar system, asteroids are the most known objects of the class called minor planets or planetoids. They are smaller than minor planets such as Mercury. Most asteroids Mars And Jupiter The planets orbit the sun in fixed elliptical orbits in the asteroid belt.


Recent observations suggest that the surface of Ceres is composed of a mixture of water, ice and minerals dissolved in water. It is thought to have a rocky core and an ocean of liquid water surrounding it.

On January 22 this year, European Space AgencyScientists have detected the presence of water in the atmosphere and surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. Herschel Space Observatory The presence of water is detected using its far infrared capability. Scientists believe that the water on the surface of Ceres is still frozen. If this ice melts into clear water in the near future, it will be more than the total volume of water on Earth.

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