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Cricket Team Batte: All out for zero runs!

The Dhaka Times Desk Such a thing has not been heard so far. Any cricket team gets all out without scoring any runs. That's exactly what happened this time. A team who gets all out for zero runs!

zero runs All Out

Maybe someone can be shocked to hear such words. A team that has really gone all out for zero runs! The fact may seem unbelievable. There are such unfortunate groups in the world! Who are all out for zero runs. What do those batsmen? At least it is possible to take a run! So it is possible to be all out even with zero runs? Yes, such an incident happened in England. In the 'Six-A-Side Championship' game organized by the country's board, a team named Bapchild ended the entire innings with zero runs!

According to media reports, 6 cricket players played in each team as six-a-side. Christ Church University batted first. They picked up 120 runs. No run was added to the score sheet of Bapchild who came down to bat for this purpose! All their wickets fell. The bowlers of Christ Church University only had to do 20 balls to get them out! Christ Church finally won that match by 120 runs.

After achieving such an improbable feat, Christ Church spinner Mike Rose said, 'It was an unimaginable victory. Never thought it was possible to bowl out a team for zero runs. It seems unbelievable!, I was the only fielder in this match, who touched any ball that hit the bat!'

It should be noted that such incidents have happened before. A similar incident happened in 1913. The innings of a club named Longport also ended with zero runs just like this. Then in 1964, the cricket world saw another such incident. However, a club named Martin Walters batted 8.2 overs in response to Seva's 216 runs. But their innings ended with zero runs. The opponent won by 216 runs in that match!

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