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China is making cockroach juice!

There are people who like to drink cockroach juice. Especially in distant China there is no shortage of such people

The Dhaka Times Desk If you want to eat cockroach juice, you have to go to China. Because China is making cockroach juice! What happens in this cockroach juice?

চীন তৈরি করছে তেলাপোকার জুস! 1

There is no shortage of people who are shocked by cockroaches. But there are people who like to drink cockroach juice. Especially in distant China there is no shortage of such people. So there is cockroach juice! Not only that, the juice is also being marketed there.

According to the media, a farm in Xichang region of Sichuan province of the country is producing and marketing cockroach juice. They say it is healthy. However, apart from food, medicine made from cockroaches is also sold in China.

According to an information, that farm is giving birth to an average of 6 billion cockroaches a year. The light quantity, humidity, food supply information of that farm is analyzed through special technology. People do not enter those cockroach houses unless absolutely necessary. The special medicine 'cockroach juice' is made from the cockroaches cultivated in this farm.

It is known that healthy cockroaches are selectively isolated first. Then they are washed thoroughly and put into a machine. Cockroach juice is made in this machine. And then 'cockroach juice' is made!

According to an information in the media, the Chinese organization claims that consumption of this juice eliminates esophageal and respiratory diseases. The juice bottle just says Periplanata americana (the scientific name for the cockroach) instead of the ingredients.

The company sells a 200 milliliter bottle of 'Cockroach Juice' for $8. Which is equal to 663 taka in Bangladeshi taka.

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