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WhatsApp is giving the opportunity to call back!

The Dhaka Times Desk Popular service for exchanging instant messages from mobile phones (Messenger). WhatsApp is now giving the opportunity to call back!

WhatsApp opportunity to call back

WhatsApp recently added 'end-to-end encryption' to prevent third parties from intruding on users' private communications. With end-to-end encryption, the message sent by the sender will be intelligible only to the recipient's device. This system prevents law enforcement authorities or any cyber criminals from reading the messages sent by the sender.

More new updates are going to come in this WhatsApp in a month or two. Check out the key updates:

1. It will open the call back option. If you miss an incoming call on WhatsApp, you can call from this one tap button without entering the app. This button will be in the 'Notification Pane'. It will be right next to the WhatsApp message notification. Basically that is where the call back option will come. This update will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Voicemail will be launched only on the iOS platform.

3. In addition, a new update is coming in the field of file sharing. It is heard that from now on, zip files can also be shared.

However, it is not yet known when exactly this new update will be available.

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